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The Maxony Group
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Maxony’s History

Maxony story started back to 2001 with SEO and IT specialists united by the mission of increasing online visibility for companies.

Our CEO, Regis Courbat created back then the first company of the Maxony Group, MAXONY Suisse SA (former AgenceWeb SA) in Switzerland. For the first 10 years, the company developed customized IT and Cloud solutions for middle and big sized companies as well as Search Engine Optimization, Online Ads and Email Marketing Solutions. MAXONY Suisse SA was also ISO 9001 certified.

The market grew and Software As A Service (SAAS) was the place to be. Our Group invested into developing our software to make them “self-service” and also created new companies in order to develop, maintain and support them. Among our succesfull applications, we can name Mailpro, Formpro, GetaSMS, Publishpro among other dedicated SAAS Solutions for states, banks and corporations.

In 2012 we launched Mailpro as a freemium, first email marketing application you could try without buying in Europe. Our self-service application was a success, the same year we integrated lecloudpro of Orange (France Telecom) and Mailpro became the most successful SAAS product of the company.

Maxony became Global

Our Online business is global, and so is Maxony. We work with many countries, also providing support in 6 languages for our customers around the world!

Maxony today

Today Maxony Group is 17 years old but still work and the startup mentality is still there. Maxony Groups promote new ideas, new products, new investments, and new talents.

Starting new projects is in our DNA and success is a combination of hard work, talents, optimism and good energy.

Maxony Group also promotes and help several humanity projects to improve poverty, child care, and ecology, among others. Don’t hesitate to contact us to share your projects.

At Maxony, we care about you!

We are committed to offering our customer the highest customer service experience, which sets us apart from our competitors. By providing clear, fast, friendly and warm solutions to the problems they encounter in our platform”. We want to work with you for a real long time! We still have customers working with us since 2001!

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