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Mailpro with more than 150,000 users and counting is a complete emailing software that offers lots of features, letting users to send massive amounts of emails at a time. So why not take advantage of this ability to help Formpro share your forms and surveys by email.

You can link your Formpro account with Mailpro or on behalf of another client without any problem. Once accounts are associated, Mailpro will let you can create an address book and add dynamic fields to your forms.

For example, when registering for an event, have a centralized contact database, but always available and exportable.

If you already have a Mailpro account, you can activate the free version of Formpro (or a paid one) and start sending emails. It works identically the opposite way for users wishing to use Mailpro from Formpro.

Open a Mailpro account and enjoy 500 free credits to easily send your email marketing campaigns.

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